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As a child, I loved hearing and telling stories, but I struggled with spelling and reading. Then, when I was nine years old, I discovered the Harry Potter books. Captivated by these adventures and mysteries, I began reading on my own. After that, I plowed through books, even taking them out to the playground to read during recess. Later, a diagnosis of dyslexia helped me understand my struggles and improve my spelling and study habits.

Science was always another story I couldn’t put down, which led me to a physics graduate program. As a teaching assistant, I gained a deeper appreciation for how to use a good story to educate. Now, I strive to both captivate my audience and help them understand the complex world around them.

Selected Articles

Published by Eos December 10, 2018.

Published by Eos December 11, 2018.

Published by ABC News May 3, 2019.

Published by The Mercury News January 25, 2019.

Published by Discover May 6, 2019.



2019/December (expected)

University of California, Santa Cruz

Master of Science in Science Communication


Pennsylvania State University

Master of Science in Physics

2014 / May

Oklahoma University

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Minor in Mathematics


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